Combed Cotton Pen Making

Hi knitting fanatics,

These Days, I Will Be Able To come up with a combed cotton pencil recipe which is really easy to make and also you can in fact use it in many puts.

Desire you favor it.



1 combed rope8mm crochet pompom or bead to embellish


Notice: When knitting common needles, inside the widespread needles in the bottom row If we sink in among the v-section, the weave appears extra even and wonderful.

1. First we make a magic ring and fill it with 5 pins to form the bottom.

2. We pull 1 chain and go to the second one row. Right Here we make 2 common needles into every frequent needle within the backside row. Our collection of stitches is 10.

3. Meanwhile, we increase the collection of stitches to 20 by making 2 widespread needles into every needle.

This base measurement it’s sufficient for pen holder, but if you want to make it a bit of wider, they are able to proceed with a single row, 1 pair of frequent needles in the next row.

Combed Cotton Pen Making

Combed Cotton Pen Making

4. We proceed till the paint we would like with out increasing or decreasing by way of making 1 common needle into each common needle after the bottom.

As for the paint we want, p we will be able to decorate with onpons and tassels. Well Being for your hand.

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