Combed Cotton Rope Bag Making

“What Can I learn for my kids?” we have a proposal for folks who think !

you’ve gotten made baskets, slippers, prams with combed rope, proper? But have you ever thought about making combed yarn baggage on your youngsters?

in the event you knit, you’ve got the danger to make the most productive present to your kids with your personal arms. So his happiness becomes your happiness.

Let’s take a look at making combed cotton rope baggage for your youngsters. don’t overlook that you just also contribute to nature through evaluating the recycling ropes.

should you need to make a round bag of combed yarn for your self, you can use this recipe. we’ve additionally indexed quite a lot of bag ideas that you could make from combed yarn. Abbreviations

x = Common Needle

z = Chain

v = Build Up

e = Development

How to do


1) 10 chains are drawn and back.

2) 8x, 2v

3) 7x, 1v, lock, 1z

4) 2v, 7x, 2v, 1x, 2v, 7x, 2v, 1x, lock, 1z

5) 1x, 2v, 8x, 2v, 3x, 2v, 8x, 2v, 2x, lock.

Notice: To enlarge the bottom; 3 common needles are made in each row to the loops in the center (i.e. second sew) of three frequent needles made within the related loop on the corners.


1) 16 chains are drawn. and again.

2) 15x, 1z and back.

* All next rows 15 widespread needles proceed with 1 chain.

* a complete of 38 rows are knitted.

3) The directly shaped frame is stitched together in a round shape.

* Base frame sewn.


1) 7 widespread needles are made into the magic ring and locked.

2) 7v ( 14x)


* The Quilt is made the same as the base.


1) The brown thread is sewn round at the quilt.

Our teddy undergo bag is set. At The Same Time As sharing this beautiful reward with your kids, do not forget to proportion it with us with the hashtags of #without proportion and #without time .

We Would Like marvel and loving days.

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