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We got here to you with a fascinating knitting type.

Whilst knitting enters everywhere in our lives, why did our rolling pin not get its proportion after we colour and beautify the whole lot with knitting.

And now we have ready a knitting pattern so that you can both give protection to and colour your rolling pin.

here is our recipe to easily knit the corn-shaped quilt for your rolling pin.


1 L. A. Mia Diamond Yellow (L160) colour hand knitting yarn1 SMC Catania Green color yarn2.5 mm crochet


Peanut Knitting Development Making

Crochet thread the loop is immersed within the loop and the loop is removed. This procedure is repeated 5 occasions and loops are amassed within the crochet hook. The final loop is exited without delay.

at the body

Yellow colour is knitted with thread.

1) 5x, cc, 3zn into Sh.

< 2) (Peanut, 2zn) * FIVE, cc, 3zn.

THREE-55) Observe the contents of the parenthesis into a single loop (peanut, 2zn, pistachio) * 5, cc, 3zn.

there will be 10 peanuts in overall in each and every row. we will make the peanuts in the spaces we make 2zn above.

corn-rolling pin-making-1

corn-rolling-making-making -1

misir-oklava- oklava- kilifi-yapısı-2

corn-rolling pin-kilif-yapimi-2

Leaves (2 pieces)

Inexperienced knitting with rope.

1) 60zn, 57dc from 3.zn, comparable loop the item is 6dc, 53dc, zn, flip.

2) 4cc, 2zn, 50dc, 6dcv, 52dc, zn, flip from the bottom of the chain.

< strong> THREE) 4cc, 2zn, 49dc from the bottom of the chain, (dc, dcv) * 6, 15dc, 2zn, turn.

FOUR) 15dc, ( dc, dcv) * 2, dc, cc.

5) Skip stitch, 3x, hdcv, dcv, 17dc.


We position the leaves within the mouth of the stem and fasten them with needles. once we mix it, we pull the rope for FORTY instances with out breaking the thread, we attach it with cc, we make some other cc next to it, we make 40x on the zn and tie it with cc.We restoration the remaining of the leaves via solving it. lazy-sort = “image” src = “ 20190829_093855.jpg “alt =” corn-rolling pin-making-width “width =” 649 “height =” 865 “/> corn-rolling pin-making

well being for your hand!

egy- rolling pin-cover-making-1

corn-rolling pin-cover-construction-1

corn-rolling pin-cover-making-2


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