Cotton Baby Blanket Making

Hello everyone!

Is there a cosy, comfy and organic blanket knitting pattern for you!

The blanket that I knit with La Mia Child Cotton looks like the primary day, although i have washed it again and again within the machine.

My baby loved it too! i use this cotton blanket thoroughly because it is allergic.


5 pieces of la Mia Child Cotton Water Green (L027) colour hand knitting thread3.5 mm line skewers


< Blanket size is around 100 × 100 cm.

1) First, we throw 181 loops to our trimmed thread. We knit the entire loops with hawk.

2) We continue our knitting till 6 enamel are crooked.

3) Then EIGHT We continue as loop sew, 11 stitch directly, THREE sew opposite, 11 sew instantly, 3 sew reverse, 11 stitch directly … and finish the row via knitting the closing 8 stitches. in this approach, we knit 7 rows in a row.

4) 8. and we knit the 9th row with halos.

5) We proceed to knit in the 10th order with 8 loops, FOUR loops directly, 3 loops inverted, ELEVEN loops immediately, 3 loops inverted. . With the last 12 stitches, FOUR stitches are straight, EIGHT stitches are knitted and we end the series.

6) 18. and we knit the 19th position in a haras The model is beginning to emerge.

cotton-baby-blanket-making-1 cotton-child-blanket-construction-one

7) 20. WHEN WE come to the queue, we make the pattern we made in the first position by making it like a wicker weave.

8) We proceed this knitting trend until the thread is done.

cotton-baby-blanket-making-2 cotton-child-blanket-making-2

NINE ) We knit the remaining 6 rows of knitting and minimize the entire loops.

Your comfortable cotton and wholesome child blanket is over, use it on gorgeous days!

cotton-baby-blanket-making-3 cotton-child-blanket-make bookmark-THREE

Health to your hand!

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