Crochet Baby Vest Making

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Snowball Baby One hand knitting threads2.5 mm crochet3 buttons

tips on how to make

Sizes are suitable for 0-9 months.


1) We Commence by making 62 chains without counting the beginning chain. We do not make our chains very often so that the collar doesn’t agreement.

2) After our chains, we transfer up to the following row and here we skip 2 chains and make one double handrail to every chain. We knit 10 handrails. After making double handrails to the tenth chain, we pull 2 ​​chains and then we proceed with the following chain and again make 10 double handrails. Once More, after 10 handrails, we pull 2 ​​chains and continue to knit 20 handrails. After knitting 20 handrails, we pull 2 ​​chains once more and knit 10 handrails. After knitting 10 handrails, we pull 2 ​​chains again and knit 10 more and go to the top row.

We transfer 2 chains to the highest row on every occasion we cross to the top row. > Again, we succeed in the hole that we increase by way of making handrails in the chain holes. We make 2 double handrails at the related point to our chain hollow earlier than the outlet.

Then we make 2 double handrails in the next chain hollow and proceed. So the good judgment is: we make 1 double railing at the chain on each side of the hole we build up in single rows, but we double dive at the chains before the outlet in double rows, for instance 2, FOUR, 6 rows, we make 2 double rams on the same position. on this method, we finish our 2d position.

4) We pull 2 ​​chains and transfer to our 3rd place. In our third row, since we’re in a unmarried row, we make 1 handrail on the chains on both sides of the holes and complete this row in this fashion.

we will be able to knit the collar part in 10 rows and switch to the arm-frame phase.

Arm and Frame

1) When We make all 10 rows, we continue the handrail until the first public sale. We make 1 handrail to the former chain of the place we increased and draw 6 chains. We mix it as a handrail to the following chain after our subsequent building up and proceed directly handrail till the third building up. We practice the similar process here and continue directly handrails till the end.

in this method, we transfer forward in our row and move to the highest row. Then we skip one chain and make 2 handrails on the 2nd chain. This sequence all the time keeps in this fashion.

4) Once We visit the top row, we immediately make 1 handrail at the backside. Then we knit our trunk to the length you need by way of making 2 handrails in 1 chain we make in the bottom row and a pair of handrails in the heart of the two handrails we made.

FIVE) We Are making handrails.

6) After We finish our Trabzan line, we transfer to the buttonhole sections. Here we pull 2 ​​chains and two chains to the higher left part of our vest, make frequent needles among them and pull two chains once more and repeat the similar procedure again. We’re creating a railing and proceeding. When We pull 1 chain and switch, we proceed by doing one needle on each frequent needle. We complete it in 3 rows in this way.

8) We move the collar part to the left aspect by making widespread needles.

After making FIVE widespread needles in our row, we pull 3 chains, leap 2 rows and sink into the 3rd. We make a buttonhole in 13th row.

ELEVEN) FOUR. In our queue, we often go the needle. the point to be noted here is that we make 2 pins of needle at the buttonholes we open and proceed.

12) 5. We also make needles and finish our vest in our queue. “ımgproxy.php/one?resim= material/uploads/2019/08/12212646/picsart_08-12-03.45.30.jpg “alt =” tig-isi-child-vest-construction-1 “width =” 1080 “height =” 1080 “/> tig-isi-child-vest-construction-1

you’ll be able to observe.

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