Crochet Easy Red Beanie Making

Hi !

Today, we will make you an easy and very stylish beret work.

We designed the crochet simple beret style for you.

this is beautiful Let’s get started knitting the beanie right away!


YarnArt Cotton Cushy Pink (51) colour hand knitting yarn2.5 mm crochet


1) Permit’s pull 15 chains. Permit’s make 1 unmarried handrail in each and every slot.

2) Let’s pull 2 ​​chains again and make a single handrail by means of sinking to the back of the loops. Allow’s mix it with the beginning.

3) Allow’s go back with 2 chains and make single handrails by sinking from the again of the loops where there is a spike appearance. Allow’s mix it with the beginning. Allow’s stitch the 2 ends in combination and make a single handrail by tying a rope and taking a loop from every slot.


5) Allow Us To knit via repeating the 2d row till the entire is 20 cm.

Returning knitting is important here. be sure to return, it’ll no longer be knit round.

6) Permit’s pull 2 ​​chains and make 2 unmarried handrails and knit the following loops in combination. Permit’s make 2 single handrails and knit the next two loops together. Permit’s proceed this way.

7) Permit’s repeat the 6th row.

8) Let’s knit both loops together.

9) Let’s cut both loops in combination through knitting.

10) Permit’s go through the remainder loops with the needle and squeeze and close the space and thread the thread. Permit’s hide it.


11) We Will Be Able To optionally stitch the able-made or home made pompom on best of the beret.


Our crimson cap is set!

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