Crochet Easy Red Neck Collar Making

Hello !

I ready an excessively easy neck collar recipe for you.

I’m certain you can simply do it.

Let’s get started knitting this pattern right away!


YarnArt Cotton Cushy Purple (FIFTY ONE) color hand knitting yarn3.FIVE mm crochet


1) Let’s pull 38 chains. Let’s make 1 single handrail in each slot.

2) Let’s pull 2 ​​chains back and make a single handrail by way of sinking to the again of the loops.

3) Let’s go back with 2 chains and make single handrails by way of sinking from the again of the loops the place there is a spike view.

tig-isi-easy-red-neck collar-making- 1

4) Let’s knit it sufficient to head through this fashion.

I knit round FORTY FOUR cm.

5) Let’s sew the beginning and ending phase.

Our neck collar is ready!


This collar is crocheted easy you can mix it with our Crimson Beret Fashion.

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