Crochet False Thessaloniki Scarf Making


It Is very simple and pleasant to make, i would like to percentage an excessively fashionable scarf that leads to a couple of hours and as you can see in the image.

in this scarf, we used the crochet fake-selanik knitting fashion, we are sure that you just will knit immediately with our video narration.


2.FIVE items Snowball Kramer Lux Ebruli (CPK0007) hand knitting yarn 6 mm wool crochet Scissors


1) We pull 300 chains. when you favor the length of your weft, you’ll increase the number of chains.

2) We flip by pulling 1 chain extra. We make single handrails (pseudo-common needles) into each of our chains.

3) We turn via pulling 1 chain. Starting From the first handrail, we make unmarried handrails at the outer facet of all loops, now not at the house side of the wire, that is, the far side folks. in this approach, we will be able to have the ability to provide the Thessaloniki weave look.

4) We knit 21 more lines in this way. if you happen to want your shawl to be wider, you’ll knit extra rows.

5) We make tassels with higher thread. We make as much as 15 needles on each finish of the weft and lower 4 pieces of equivalent length threads for each loop. In different phrases, we cut 60 pieces of equal duration yarn for each side. We connect the FOUR items that we minimize for each stitch within the middle and thus we hang EIGHT tassels from every sew.

tig-isi-liar-selanik-weft-making -1

we’ve completed our shawl!

Well Being for our stunning hands!

Crochet False Thessaloniki Knitting Fashion Find Out How To?

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