Crochet Fish Bag Making


We introduced you an excessively fashionable crochet web bag knitting development in this day and age!

you’ll be able to also use the model we will inform you as a beach bag.


2 Spaghetti Yarn Cotton Macrame Beige hand knitting yarn 4.5 mm crochet



1) for 20 cm length we begin by means of pulling 28 chains. We pull a sequence to transport to the highest.

Crochet Fish Bag Making

Crochet Fish Bag Making


Crochet Fish Bag Making 2

2) We make 28 frequent needles by means of sinking once on each and every chain.

We repeat this process in 6 rows so that the measurement is 4 cm.

tig-isi-file-canta-build-3 Crochet Fish Bag Making3


We create slots by repeating this process until the end of the row. We must have 27 slots in overall. tig-isi-file-canta-yapimi-4 Crochet Fish Bag Making-4

FOUR) We pull and switch 7 chains to transport to the top row, and make common needles within the center of the primary slot.

tig -isi-file-canta-build-5 Crochet Fish Bag Making 5

5) Pull 7 chains once more we make frequent needles within the middle of the slot right next to it. We entire the series in this manner.

6) We repeat these strategies till the duration of our bag reaches the scale we wish.

We chose to knit 74 cm.

tig-isi-file-canta-build-6 Crochet Fish Bag Making-6

7) we commence accumulating and shrinking the slots to form the mouth of our bag at the other aspect. .

9) We attach the two slots by creating a needle within the center of the slot next to it.

10) A widespread one within the heart of the next slot. We make the needle and fix the third slot.

We repeat this procedure till the end of the row.

THIRTEEN) We continue to knit with a total of 6 rows.


1) We tie the two ends of the facet we began knitting with a common needle through pulling EIGHTY FIVE chains to start the care for. We most popular SIXTY TWO cm size.



2) We proceed to the aspect of the FOUR-cm needle with 6 common needles.

3) Then we start accumulating the slots with the frequent needle. . When collecting, we knit 1 top of the slots and 1 chain among them.

tig-isi-file-canta-build-2 Crochet Fish Bag Making

4) We repeat the process to the opposite aspect of the bag.

5) For the second handle, we pull EIGHTY FIVE chains and fasten them to the other side with widespread needles.

6) We knit 6 frequent needles on the facet once more. We collect the slots within the same manner, with 1 chain among them.

8) We repeat the excursion between the 2 mouths of the bag 6 occasions.

Our bag is set!

tig-isi-file-canta-construction-10 Crochet Fish Bag Making

Well Being for your hand!

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