Crochet Lavender Making

Crochet Lavender Making
Crochet Lavender Making


Snowball Hola hand knitting yarn;
1 Lilac (K763) colour thread
1 Purple (K1726) color thread
1 Green (K392) colour thread3 mm crochet


We knit with green thread color.

1) We Begin by means of pulling 20 -25 chains. From the 1st chain, we make 12 needles and minimize the thread.

We transfer to the lilac color rope.

2) 3 double handrails and 1 frequent needle are made on the most sensible of the first needle.

3) 3 handrails and 1 widespread needle are made to the second one widespread needle by turning the fairway part.

4)   Once More, the second widespread needle is manufactured from THREE handrails and 1 widespread needle.

5) The Similar procedure is repeated until there are 8 lavender leaves in overall. The closing leaf is made to the final needle ceaselessly. Ropes are hidden.

Our lavender is over.

you’ll make any colour, any period and choice of those lavenders and use them as decorative.

Pleasant braids

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