Crochet Patterned Cushion Making

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Nowadays I Need to tell you an easy and stylish, helpful throw pillow trend.


Orenbayan Dora
1 Purple Knitting Rope

1 Piece White Knitting Thread
1 Piece Black Knitting Rope3 mm wool crochet needle, yarn2 Piece huge studs, 1 Piece small studs.


It’s more straightforward if we prepare our fashion step through step.


Let’s prepare the crimson motifs first.

1) We Start our motif by way of pulling 8 chains and making a ring.

2) We knit 4 double handrails in the first row with 3 chain durations. We form the middle section.

3) We proceed with the similar methodology for two rows. We most effective make FOUR double handrails at the corners, 3 chains 4 double handrails, and at different puts we make 2 chains to the areas 4 double handrails.

4) 3 chains on the corners in the remaining row in our crimson motif we have finished the knitting of our crimson motif by way of pulling 2 chains and knitting THREE double handrails in among.

we’re making ready our purple motifs in step with the selection of throw pillows you will make. we’re preparing 9 red motifs for a single pillow.

We proceed to knit the motifs now we have prepared the use of our white thread.

5) THREE chains on the corners, 2 chains in among and 3 We knit double handrails.

6) We apply the similar process in 2 rows and whole the weave of our white motif.

7) Closing row is black we use our rope.

We whole our development by means of combining our motifs through the use of FOUR chains on the corners and 2 chains at the joining points.

Our front motifs are finished.

Crochet Patterned Cushion Making

Crochet Patterned Cushion Making

Crochet Patterned Cushion Making


We use our black thread for the again of our cushion. We knit items.

8) We draw SIXTY SIX chains for the primary piece and begin knitting our first row. We knit 3 double handrails in each chain. we can create 11 cubes with 2 chain periods. We knit 3 double handrails with 2 chain periods. Our aim is to arrange the bottom the place the studs might be sewn. (Visual in the picture)

10) We draw EIGHTY FOUR chains to our 2nd part, weave THREE double rails and create 14 cubes with 2 chains apart.

11) We whole the second track via following the similar actions we did in the other track.

We mix the inserted pieces with the needle way through knitting the perimeters of our pillow.

Finishing As we’re sewing our studs to our cushions, small dimension within the heart and others on the area, we complete our type.

Crochet Patterned Cushion Making

It’s necessary to placed the cushions again on the pillows and use them on beautiful days.

Be Aware: I knit your cushions style by means of opting for the colors you wish to have when you desire

If you would like, knit with expanding threads you can prepare vignette pillows

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