Crochet Silvery Lace Shawl Making

Hi everyone!

With this medium-issue scarf, you will both shine and warm up!

We immediately begin to give an explanation for our scarf that you just can knit in different colours in step with your choice!


Snowball Angora Natural hand knitting threads;
2 Gray (K1644) colour threads
1 Beige (K1860) color thread4 mm crochet



is 220 x ONE HUNDRED TEN cm.

Tip: If mohair is knitted with angora or woolen threads with wool, a decent and matte texture is formed if tight loops similar to lace are pulled. in order not to reach this type of result and to make the wrap extra draped, soft, even as creating the handrails, our first transfer have to be pulled abundantly by means of extending the tight 2d and 3rd moves. Also, the chains have to be pulled free.

We knit with a grey thread.

1) We pull 20 chains and make a ring.

2) We fill the hoop with 20 triple handrails.


 3) 2. Subsequent we make 20 handrails by means of pulling a chain between 20 handrails.


4) THREE. We repeat the same procedure through pulling 2 chains in among. in this method, our center slice is formed within the form of a half moon.

5) 4. so as to create a base for the following slices, we pull the chain and sink as proven within the diagram. I took 10 chain fragments, it’s situated subsequent tranche will happen. where where we pull 20 chains is our massive slice within the heart.

6) 5. As in the second row, we continue with 10 handrails the place we pull 10 chains, EIGHT chains between them, 20 handrails on most sensible of the 20 chains within the heart.

7) We continue as follows.

8) While our 3 rows of slices are completed, we modify our thread and pull THREE handrails, 2 chains, skip 1 box and proceed as 3 handrails, 2 chains.

9) We repeat the same process 7 rows and then whole it in 2 slices, 7 rows directly, 2 slices.

10) The last row of the remaining slice you’ll be able to optionally make a bud at the same time as knitting.

Our shawl is about!


Health for your hand!

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