Crochet Stool Cover Making

Hi everybody!

How approximately decorating your stools with this beautiful recipe?

Stool cover making is really easy!

Let’s get started knitting instantly!


Spaghetti Ribbon hand knitting threads;
1 Purple (21) color thread
1 Pink (23) colour thread
1 White (1) color thread7 mm crochet


Purple (21) is knitted with color thread.

1) The magic ring is made. 10 double handrails are made and combined. at the side of the joining point, 11 sinking issues are formed.

2) In The 2nd row, a complete of twenty-two handrails are reached through dipping each handrail twice.

THREE) In The third row, a couple is larger via creating a unmarried handrail.

FOUR) In The fourth row, three chains are pulled up and a double handrail is made to the similar element. 1 chain is pulled, 1 handrail is jumped, and the second one is sunk, and every other handrail is made to the similar aspect. in this manner, the series is finished.

Purple (23) is knitted with a colored thread.

5) In The fifth row, three handrails into single chain spaces, one at the double handrail. It is done via sinking.

6) In The 6th and 7th rows, each handrail is submerged one via one.

7) After the double handrail in the eighth position a series is pulled and a handrail is skipped to make double handrails once more.

tig-isi-footstool-construction-1 tig-isi-stool-quilt-construction-1

The white colour is knitted with a string.

8) A CHAIN in the ninth row The row is completed through sinking and two handrails one through one.

NINE) The Next five rows do not building up and turn into a wall. it is supplied.

10) After it is transferred to the stool, it is fastened at the bottom by means of at the same time connecting it at sure periods.

That Is it!

tig-isi-stool-case-making tig-isi-stool-case-making

Well Being to your fingers!

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