Crochet Teapot Cover Making

I’M right here with a knitting trend that you can knit from the remaining threads which are easy to knit at house. i want to share a colorful, trendy and useful teapot quilt.


1 main color Ă–renbayan Dora rope (Black, White, etc.) Now colored threads (I most popular Ă–renbayan Dora but you’ll make a selection other emblem yarns) THREE mm wool crochet


We draw 10 chains and shape a hoop. in the first order, we handiest knit 33 3 handrails. (I prepared a scheme for the first rows)

we are starting to construct our fashion. First we make the peanut fashion. Making pistachio fashion could be very easy. A loop is taken from the decrease part of the Trabzaz, the rope is wrapped 2 times and the loop is taken, and it’s sunk in the similar position. Peanuts are made within the related position in each and every row. Handrails are knitted between each peanut. within the first row, 2 items of three handrails are knitted. Subsequent, 3 pieces of three handrails are knitted. We continue to knit FOUR pieces of three handrails in the 3rd row. We proceed to increase 1 handrail every row. We knit 1,2,THREE rows consistent with the colour and order we would like. We knit in 1 row and proceed to knit the style in the color we want. We knit the scale of the duvet in the preferred size in order that its radius is approximately 32 cm. In The End, we end our duvet by making the FIVE lash style.

Lash Fashion

3 chains we pull out and go away 2 handrails empty, we stick on the next handrail and knit THREE handrails. We pull 4-FIVE chains over the handrail now we have ducked, and connect it to the top with a needle. We repeat the same procedure FOUR instances. Whilst the FIVE-eyelash type is done, we pull the 3 chains, go away 2 handrails spacing, repair it on the third railing by using the needle way and pull the 3 chains again and continue the same procedure till the threshold of our cover is finished.


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