Crochet Twisted Beret Making

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I’m Knit Sirin. I Am here with my first recipe in Knitting Patterns.

As Of Late we can make an excessively sweet beanie with you. 150 gr. (1.FIVE ball) Los Angeles Mia Wool Simple Pink (L205) colour ip5 mm crochet wool needle and scissors. Pompom card or pompom making device. (you’ll be able to additionally use in a position-made pompom)


For our style, we begin by way of pulling chains on the flooring of eight. you can get started with 72 chains for adult women and 80 for men. we will tie our ultimate chain to our first chain with the scroll approach and twist it in a spiral.

1) We make a complete of SEVENTY TWO double rams, one in each chain.

2) we can do 2 rear teeth, 6 entrance teeth handrails in the 2d row, and we will do this within the subsequent FOUR rows. So we can have made tires. With the primary row, we will have a complete of 6 rows of tires.

3) Within The seventh row, we will get started with 2 rear teeth handrails and make augers with 4 handrails the place there are our front teeth handrails.

we will be able to proceed to knit the parts we knit from the back alongside all the model from at the back of.

4) We knit the parts that we twisted in the eighth, 9th and 10th rows as entrance thread handrails.

5) We twirl again in line ELEVEN.

on this way, we knit our beret by way of 20 cm through repeating THREE, FOUR and FIVE rows 3 times.

6) After knitting 20 cm, we complete the beret through making discounts and shut the higher establishing by way of stitching.

it is ready to use when we have sewed the pompom in keeping with our taste.

For main points make certain to check out the video.

Video Tutorial

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