Crocodile-Back Model Weft Making


2-3 ball Snowball Punto Youngsters skewers appropriate for our rope Pompom


Crocodile again model is constructed on a single number. The model is finished in 4 rows. We take the first loops without knitting, in order that the sides are clean…

1) We Begin with 35 loops. We knit the primary row as 1 opposite and 1 undeniable. The style is being put in in the opposite direction.

2) Let’s start development the model in the period in-between. We pass through the flat loops and take the opposite bottle with out knitting a string on the head. it’s like a sort of building up, but immediately loops are not knitted. The winding process is usually done on the comparable loop. the first loops are always taken with out knitting. We go through the knotted loop and head over to the pinnacle. The series is completed by overturning the opposite loop.

3) All loops are knitted at this time. 1 in reverse, 1 in a instantly line. The loops we wrap are instantly, the others are knit in opposite.

4) All loops are knit as they arrive.

5) 2-FOUR The techniques in the similar order are repeated and knitted in this type of approach until they reach the desired size.

We make our weft by means of placing pompom on each ends and attaching it.

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