Cross Beanie Making

Necessary for the iciness days, i would like to share a beautiful beret fashion that protects us from the chilly and adds elegance to our elegance. Easy to knit and helpful Let’s get started telling you in an instant. Merino Bulky Hand Knitting Yarn and the like. may also be used with a mode thread) 4 mm knitting3 mm crochet wool needle Needle, thread

Finished Size

Length approx: 26 cm

Width approximately: SIXTY SEVEN cm

the right way to

1) We Start our knitting by 41 stitches.

2) We knit our flat knit within the first place. We knit our again knit within the again row. We entire the primary row knitting procedure.

3) We’re beginning to create our fashion. After the 2 rows of knitting that are supposed to be regarded as within the type, we practice the other, that is, once we come to the directly row after 1 row of heterosexual and 1 row of knit, we begin with the again braid and knit the back row straight. once we come back to the front row, we knit a simple weave on the opposite surface.

4) Every Other aspect to note in our knitting is; In front row we knit two loops together at the beginning of knitting and knit our knitting.

We minimize the loop in the front row and increase our sew within the back row. Our objective is to make our model transfer crosswise in the comparable route.

We continue to knit till we have approximately 32 lines. you are going to see that you are crossing over as you duck.

Beremis with hidden stitch method we plant. We puck through taking tackles from the highest.

we will practice crocheting for the ground of our beret.

4) We pull THREE chains and knit 2 double handrails and fix them with the needle method. . Once More, we continue with 3 chains, 2 double handrails and fastening. We proceed the same process till the edge of our beret ends.


1) We pull out 6 or EIGHT chains and form a ring.

2) To Start With, the needle sticks and 4 double handrails we knit and make needles again.

within the back chains prepared to form the back part of the flower, we make needles with widespread needles and knit 6 double handrails, and we make the needle of the flower by making widespread needles. We apply the same process to other rings.

After finishing our flower We’re sewing and finishing our beret.

Use our beret on good days

Notice: If you’re going to make use of a special form of yarn or if your knitting yarn is thin, you can double your yarn or you can alter the selection of stitches by taking the degree for the reason that dimension of your knit will be different. Allow me write the size of the beret I knit is easy for you.

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