Cross Peanut Hair Band Making

Hi !

These Days, we can work with a hair band that you can be very stylish whilst you wear it.

Let’s get started creating a go peanut hair band at the moment!


L. A. Mia Diamond Mustard Yellow (L003) colour hand knitting yarn 5 mm crochet


1) Let’s pull 15 chains.

2 ) 4. Let’s make double handrails in every slot from the chain.

3) Let’s pull again 3 chains and make 2 handrails, pull 1 chain and skip one and make 5 handrails. Let’s pull 1 chain and skip it and make 3 handrails.

4) Let’s pull 3 chains back and make 2 handrails, make four peanuts in a series space, make a handrail in the different FOUR slots Let’s make a peanut in a sequence area, make a handrail in the next slots.

Let’s make the peanuts by means of being attentive to the photos under.


capraz-fistikli-sac -bandi-yapimi-1

capraz-fistikli -sheet-band-construction

5) Let’s go back with 3 chains, make 2 handrails and make peanuts in the slot subsequent to the peanut. Let’s skip two slots and make 4 handrails. Let’s make peanuts in the nest subsequent to the peanuts. Let’s skip slots and make THREE handrails. Let’s repeat this ultimate part as much as we want.


 6) When We have reached enough duration, let’s make a row of double handrails and sign up for them with the opposite finish. Let’s pass the needle during the stitch and tighten the thread. Get shrunken.


That’s it!




Health in your arms already!

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