Curly Hair Clip Making

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We came to you with a clasp recipe that every one women will love and will no longer fall out in their hair.

Let’s knit this clasp, that is very simple to make, together!


Loren Natural Cotton hand knitting threads;
1 Purple (R098) color thread
1 Red (R094) color thread
1 Brown (R035) colour thread2.FIVE mm crochet hair rubber


Zn: Chain

X: Needle

< strong> Hdc: Single handrail

Hdcv: Double single handrail to the similar loop


Curls (FIVE Pieces )

We knit with brown thread.

1. We shoot for 90s.

2. We do 1hdc, 1hdcv till the tip of the queue.

you’ll knit as so much as you need, I did 5.


We knit with pink thread.

1. We shoot 18 instances.

2. By jumping 2zn we make 1hdc throughout the row (16hdc)

3-4. 16hdc

We switch to our purple color thread.

FIVE. 16x

We attach the piece we knit from the center phase.

We stitch our ribbons on the curls.

Finally, we stitch the hair rubber at the back of the braid.

Our hairpin is ready!

curly-sheet-buckle-making curly-sheet-buckle-making

Well Being for your hand.

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