Cute Baby Girl Making


Gazzal Child Cotton rope;
1 piece of puppy (3412) color thread
1 piece of Orange (3419) colour thread
1 piece of Lila (3420) color thread < br /> 1 piece White (3410) colour thread
1 piece Brown (3436) colour thread2 mm crochet Fiber, scissors, needle, 6 mm amigurumi eyePink embroidery thread


Sh: magic ring
X: widespread needle
V: boost
A: subtraction
W: 3-step increment within the similar hollow
CC: loop shift
IT: double handrail
İTV: double handrail building up
Blo: knit only by way of pulling the again of the loop
Flo: most effective the loop commencing from front


Sleeve Making (2 pieces)

Starting with a puppy thread.
1. 6x
2. (V, X,) * 3 (9X)
3. V, 4X, V, 3X (11X) into Sh
4. X, V, 5X, V, 3X (13X)
5. 2X, popcorn, 10X (13X)
6. 13X
7. 2X, A, 4X, A, 3X (11X)
8-24. 11X
We continue with lilac colour.
25 . 11X
26. (3X, V) * 3 (15X)
27. (4X, V) * by blo 3 (18X)
28-31. 18X
32. (4X, A) * 3 (15X)
33. (3X, A) * THREE (12X)
34. (4X, A) * 2 (10X)
We restoration and minimize the string.
you can flip where we switched to lilac by pulling a chain with an orange thread.
we are doing fiber filling whilst knitting the palms.

Leg Making (2 items)

Because we will make shoes first, we commence with lilac color rope.
1. We pull 7 chains, 2nd.

3. We best increase three times at the front and again. (24X)
4. We simplest build up 3 times at front and again. (30X)
5. 30X
6-8. 30X
We visit the white rope.
9. We make a decline 8 instances at front. (22X)
10. We drop 4 occasions at front. (18X)
11. We make a 2-fold aid at the front. (16X)
12-15. 16X
16. We make 1X, 1 chain as Flo. (For the sock ruffle)
We proceed by means of knitting the infant color and knitting the leg.
17 . We make 16X with the remainder portions of the loops in the position where we flo.
18-40. 16X
We continue with the lilac coloured thread.
41-43. 16X
We do the fiber filling procedure whilst knitting the legs.
We flip the lilac-to-white transition position for the shoe side with a series. We make the shoe band by means of pulling 10 chains.
While one leg knits, we lower the rope. After knitting the opposite leg, we combine THREE chains with legs.


We proceed with a lilac coloured thread.
1. 7X, V, 9X, V, 8X, V, 9X, V, X (42X) (to mix we weave around the THREE chains we pull.)
2-9. 42X
10. (12X, A) * 3 (39X)
11-12. 39X
13. (11X, A) * 3 (36X)
14-15. 36X
16. (10X, A) * 3 (33X)
17-18. 33X
19. (9X, A) * 3 (30X)
20-22. 30X
23. 29X, V (31X)
24. 5X, V, 9X, V, 5X, V, 9X (34X)
25 -26. 34X
27. 32X, A (33X)
28. 6X, A, 18X, 4X, X, A (31X)
(At this time we take the loop from the palms and join the palms)
29. 6X, A, X, 4X, X, A, 6X, A, 2X, A, 3X (27X)
30. 2X, A, 5X, A, X, A, 2X, A, 2X, A, X, A, 2X (21X)
< strong> 31. 9X, A, 10X (20X)
We transfer to puppyish colour.
32. 20X as Blo
33.  4X, A, 8X, A, 4X (18X)

and among the 17th rows. there’ll be 10 common needles among the two eyes.
We make the nose phase through throwing a couple of instances with the colour thread. and we procedure the lashes.


We Start knitting with an orange thread.
1. We pull the chain as so much as the waist circumference of the newborn and we make it ring. (do it through measuring on it)
2. We make 1 IT to each loop. We fill all the chain.
3. We fill 1 loop to 1 loop and 1 İTV to a loop. (IT, İTV, İT, İTV, İT, İTV….)
4. We fill 3 times as it and once as İTV. (IT, IT, IT, IT, IT, IT, IT, ITV….)
5-11. We make 1 IT on each loop.

Lilac rope we’re going through. We flip the entire row within the type of 1 chain, 1X.

We stitch it on the get dressed with front section directly again and go.


We Start with brown rope.
1. 6X in Sh
2. 6V (12X)
3. (X, V) * 6 (18X)
4. (2X. V) * 6 (24X)
5. (3X, V) * 6 (30X)
6. (4X, V) * 6 (36X)
7. (5X, V) * 6 (42X)
8. (6X, V) * 6 (48X)
9. (7X, V ) * 6 (54X)
10. (8X, V) * 6 (60X)
11-12. 60X
13. (8X, A) * 6 (54X)
14-16. 54X
17. 51 IT < br /> We go away a long string and sew it on the head.

Knobs (2 items)

We Start with a brown thread.
1. Into Sh 6X
2. 6V (12X)
3. (X, V) * 6 (18X)
4. (2X, V) * 6 (24X)
5-8. 24X
9. (2X, A) * 6 (18X)
We stitch the knobs to the fitting parts of the top.

Hair Band I

We knit the tape phase with lilac coloured thread through measuring the width of the head.
1. We draw 5 chains.
2. We return and do IT three times from the 3rd time.
3. We pull 2 ​​chains and are available back and do 3 IT.

(We make three handrails via pulling 2 ropes in line with crochet and pulling them in 3 times.)
6. We pull FOUR chains and fix them into Sh. (we made a wing of the flower)
7. We do the same thrice and our flower is formed.
8. We pull the Sh string and attach it smartly and tape phase.


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