Cute Elephant Baby Bag Making

I all the time loved knitting baby garments. Especially the elephant jumpsuits I knitted once was cut loose me. when you wish to make this lovely fashion for younger young children, you’ll find a specified and straightforward recipe underneath. 2 Denims Blue (M3041) color ip3.FIVE mm crochet 7 buttons Felt in black and white colours


Notice: Dimensions are given in one course.

< Hem width: 12 cm

Pants duration: 25 cm

Pants width: 24 cm

Best section length: ELEVEN cm

General duration: FORTY TWO cm


Leg (2 Pieces)

The Front and back dimension of the overalls are knitted together. One row of unmarried handrails and one row of 3 handrails are used throughout the knitting.

1) Pulling SIXTY TWO chains with white thread starts the leg construction.

2) 3 chains move up to the bottom and right away sink 62 triple handrails are made.

3) You’ll Be Able To cross up with 3 chains and one triple handrail is sinking normally, the other triple handrail is made via passing it via the ground handrail.

Single handrails are knitted throughout the row.

5) 3 chains are raised up, 3 handrails are made along the row.

6-11) Repeat the third and 4th row. (1 row of single handrails, 1 row of three handrails)

the primary leg is completed directly, front and the again.

the similar procedure is applied to knit the second one leg.

Size (Entrance-Back Together)

1) Two knitted legs in general 124 It’s mixed by way of making unmarried handrails.

2) The Entire row is knitted with triple handrails. Knit by way of making 1 row of triple handrails.

6) One build up is made as soon as on the right and left facets of the frame.

7) The Whole row of single handrails is knitted with one increment each 25 loops.

8) A TOTAL of 142 loops of three handrails are knitted without any build up. > NINE) 142 loops of unmarried handrails are knitted without any increment. 11) ONE HUNDRED FIFTY loops of single handrails are knitted with none building up.

12) No build up A TOTAL of 150 loops of three handrails are knitted without making them.

13) A single handrail is knitted by means of subtracting once in every 15 loops. strong> 3 handrails are knitted by acting one decrement each 14 stitches. strong> SIXTEEN) A triple handrail is knitted by means of making a decrement as soon as in each and every 12 loops.

17) A unmarried handrail is knitted once in each 6 loops.

A TOTAL of A HUNDRED AND FIVE stitches knit 3 triple handrails.

19-24) A COMPLETE of ONE ZERO FIVE stitches are knit, a row of unmarried handrails, a row of triple handrails is knit and body section is finished.

Most Sensible-Entrance Size

1) While the trouser a part of the overalls is completed, 8 handrails are jumped and the 9th handrail is sunk in order that there’s an equivalent choice of spaces at the right and left aspects. You’ll Be Able To cross up with 2 chains and knit a total of 42 unmarried handrails.

2) You’ll Be Able To go up with 3 chains, a complete of 42 looper triple handrails.

< strong> 3-14) 1 row is knitted with single handrails, 1 row of triple handrails is knitted and rows are finished. within the rows knitted with unmarried handrails, first and the tip of the loop are decreased. within the rows with triple handrails, the upper a part of front frame is completed with out reducing.

Upper-Again Dimension

1)  12 handrails are jumped and thirteenth handrails are sunk in the again and the left and proper sides of the overalls. It Is climbed up with 2 chains and 36 single handrails are knitted in general.

2-6) One loop is decreased at the beginning and at the end of every row and the ultimate row is completed with a total of 26 loops. < /


10 loops of unmarried handrails are knitted by putting off 10 loops from the right and left facet of the back frame.

One buttonhole is opened to the center phase within the row. THREE extra single single handrails are knitted. on the thirty eighth row, another loop is opened and the hangers are finished by means of knitting 2 rows of unmarried handrails.

Nostril Section

1) To knit the nostril part of the elephant, 30 loops of single handrails are knitted, proper under the face. on this phase, a single row of handrails and a row of triple handrails are made. To slender the nose, a loop is minimize from each side in each row.

2) Whilst a total of NINE loops stay, 23 rows of hose sections are knitted within the similar means. within the twenty fourth row, one loop is opened and extra single handrails are knitted at the nostril and the nose part is finished.

One button is sewn on the 7 rows of the buttonhole to connect the baby pacifier.

Internal Leg

1) To Stitch buttons on the joined legs and make buttonholes, first of all, a needle is pulled alongside front leg period with white thread.

in the closing row, 2 chains are pulled up and the front facet of the online part is finished by way of knitting a unmarried handrail. knit. One button is sewn in entrance of the buttonholes.

Ears (2 Big / 2 Small)

Massive Ears

1) 7 unmarried handrails are made into the magic ring with white thread .

2) It’s climbed up with 3 chains, 14 loops are made by way of dipping each loop two times.

3) It’s climbed up with 3 chains, one loop is double and one loop is sunk single and a total of 21 triple handrails are knitted.

4)  Mild Blue coloured yarn is added and each looper is dipped in a single sew and 21 single handrails are knitted.

5) THREE chains are reached up. One loop increment, one loop is sunk unmarried and a complete of 32 triple handrails are knitted and the big ear is finished.

the similar operations are applied for the second ear.

Small Ear

1) 6 single handrails are made into the magic ring with white thread. .

4) Gentle Blue colour thread is introduced and every loop is dipped unmarried by means of knitting 18 triple handrails.

5) With 3 chains pass up. A loop double and a loop unmarried are dipped and a complete of 24 triple handrails are knitted and the small ear is completed.

the same operations are applied for the second ear.

With large ears on best and small ears on backside, the ears are sewn firmly from the bottom of the elephant to the higher entrance body. if you desire, the ears are mounted with scorching silicone or fabric adhesive. 2 eyes are cut from the felt and adhered to the higher anterior part with sizzling silicone. 2 teeth are minimize from the felt and adhered to the nose with hot silicone.

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