Cute Monster Headphone Case Making

Now We Have such a lot in women’s bags, we would like to carry everything with us.

Whilst this is the case, we cannot find what we are in search of.

However thanks to this case, you are going to get rid of on the lookout for your headphones in your bag and the cables that wrap around.

you’ll be able to get started the use of it right away inside of 1-2 hours.

Let’s get started!


1 Los Angeles Mia Cottony Fuchsia (P24) color hand knitting yarn black, white, orange or pink color ip2.FIVE mm crochet needle, scissors Appropriate colour sewing thread


1) Let’s draw 21 chains with the string you choose as the primary colour.

2) The First chain upstream chain, let’s positioned one needle on top of the rest 20 chains.

3) Pull a chain and Let’s visit the top row and make 20 needles once more.

4) Let’s knit a total of 36 rows in this approach. And let’s get a rectangular piece.


cute- monster-headphone-cover-making

5) Let’s fold it up and pin it so that the top is wider and the ground is narrower, as observed beneath.



6) Let’s stitch and invert from the edges.




1) Let’s cross chain paintings around the place we left open with orange or pink colored rope.




1) Let’s make a magic ring with white color and placed 8 needles into it.

2) Let’s make needles on every common needle in the 2nd row. . (There Have Been 16 frequent needles). Let’s lower the rope.

3) For the black part, let’s make EIGHT widespread needles into the magic ring. Let’s lower the rope.



Let’s stitch the black section at the white. Let’s plant the attention where we go away it extensive. Let’s process “<” signal or “X” signal at the aspect with black wool.



Your Lovable Monster Headphone Case is about to make use of!

Well Being in your hands.

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