Decorative Flower Making

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I Can let you know approximately making ornamental plant life that you just can use in lots of fields.

you’ll knit this flower and assessment it in your braids reminiscent of pendant, key ring, brooch, throw pillow.

Let’s start knitting in an instant!


Now threads (you can additionally use Snowball Flowers threads.) THREE mm crochet stitching needle Pearl

The Best Way To beautify

Each row with different color thread knit.

1) The magic ring starts as 4 double handrails, 3 chains and four handrails again. This process is finished 4 occasions in general. The sequence ends with looping.

decorative-flower-making-1 ornamental-flower-making-1

2) 12 double handrails are made to the chain spaces in the bottom row. This process is done 4 times in general. The sequence ends with looping.

decorative-flower-making-2 ornamental-flower-making-2

3) 1 needle is made to every loop.

decorative-flower-making-3 decorative-flower-making-THREE

FIVE motifs are made in this method.

FOUR) The motifs are sewn and inverted as i have marked as follows, after which 5 motifs are sewn together and finished. Pearl is sewn in the center.

decorative-flower-making-4 decorative-flower-making-4

Our decorative flower is set!

decorative-flower-making ornamental-flower-making

Make it simple for someone who has discovered. Goodbye!

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