Decorative Wool Pillow Making

Adorn your home with easy knits.

Those knits, which you will knit with thick knitting needles and woolen threads, end briefly and look very trendy.

Let’s start!

Foods Snowball Wool Decor hand knitting yarn;

4 Brown (K1882) colour threads
4 Cream (K1037) color thread15 mm knitting needles Needle


<4 balls of yarn are used for 1 pillow.

* knit as 2 items.

1) 22 loops start with .

2) Knit in 1 row, 1 flat in 1 row.

3) Brass braid is began. For 25 rows, brass weave is made on the bottom by means of creating a flat and inverted at the flat.

pieces of knitted fiber are filled and sewed together.


Decorative Wool Pillow Making-1

Decorative Wool Pillow Making-2

Well Being for your hand!

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