Denim Men’s Sweater Making

Hi all, we have introduced you a ravishing males’s knit sweater development that you just will not in finding in stores.

the largest function of this sweater you’ll easily knit is the feel of the thread.

Ebruli construction and you could make great sweaters and cardigans with this rope, which provides an ideal stance with prime quality cotton content. ) color hand knitting yarn FOUR.5 mm skewers4 mm 40 cm trim skewers

find out how to make it

Dimensions are appropriate for size L.


1 . 100 loops start. inside the 12 rows, 1 reverse and 1 flat rubber knit is knitted.

2. It continues as a simple knit till 110.

3. in the 110th row, FIVE loops are minimize, NINETY FIVE loops are continued as flat knit

4. within the 111th row, FIVE loops are reduce, 90 loops are persisted as flat knit. < /

5. 3 stitches are reduce in row 112, 87 stitches are persevered in plain weave.

6.  3 in row 113 sew is cut, 84 stitches are persisted as undeniable weave.

7. THREE stitches are lower at 114th row, EIGHTY ONE stitches are persisted as plain weave.

8. 3 loops are reduce in one hundred and fifteenth row, SEVENTY EIGHT loops are endured as undeniable weave.

9. 28 rows of SEVENTY EIGHT loops are continued as instantly weave.

10. in the 144th row, 39 loops are knitted to shape a collar, NINE loops are minimize, 30 loops proceed as a flat knit.

11. 145 stitches 30 loops immediately knit it is knitted as 3. > 2 stitches are cut in 148th row, 22 stitches are continued as flat knitting.

14. 1 stitch is minimize in 150th row, 21 stitches are endured as flat knitting.

15. 151-163 rows continue as 21 loops flat knit.

16. 164 to present 164th shoulder drop The knitting is knitted and lower back.



17. Knit 7 loops in 166th row and return.

18th 168th loops all stitches are reduce.

19. 39 loops closing in our bottle knit within the comparable technique to make a collar tour.




1. 100 stitches are started.

proceed as instantly knitting till the row, chopping the number of loops to 5-3-2 in both
instructions and reducing the number of loops to EIGHTY.

3. 116 EIGHTY loops continue as plain weave until the 158th row. > 30 stitches are knitted at fifth 159.

6. 9 stitches are minimize at 160th row, 21 stitches are persisted.

7. 161-163 rows of 21 loops are knit.

8. 164 loops of 164th row are returned.

9. on the 166th row, 7 loops are knitted and back.

10. All loops are minimize at the 168th row.

11. FORTY loops are knitted within the comparable approach, the opposite shoulder is created. denim-male-miss-build-3 denim-male-miss-construct-THREE


1. 50 loops start. in the course of the 14 rows, 1 opposite and 1 flat rubber knit is knitted.

2. The collection of stitches is higher to FIFTY NINE in the fifteenth order.

3. in the 16th row, 25 loops are knitted flat, 9 loops are 1 reverse, 1 flat tire, 25 loops are flat knit.
knit. continue on.

4. 26, 34, 42, 50, FIFTY EIGHT, SIXTY SIX, SEVENTY FOUR, 82. The selection of stitches is increased to 75.

5. 5 stitches are lower in 108th row, 70 stitches are continued as simple weave.

6. within the 109th row, FIVE loops are reduce, 65 loops are persevered as a flat knit.

7. 12 instances from the a hundred and tenth row, a lower in each directions, 134, 135 The selection of stitches is diminished to 15.
to fifteen, through deducting two, 136, 137, and three, 138, 139, A HUNDRED AND FORTY, 141, 142, 143.

8. All stitches are minimize in 144th row.


denim-male-pass over-build

All parts planted.

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