Diamond Hair Band Making

Hello !

Today we are going to make a diamond headband with you.

we are positive that you simply will love this hair band that we will decorate with scales.

Let’s get started knitting straight away!


Los Angeles Mia Diamond Mint Green (L157) colour hand knitting yarn5 mm crochetPull bead


1) Let’s pull EIGHTY chains and mix them with get started.

2) Let’s make 1 row of double handrails.

THREE) Let’s create a tire by making 1 entrance tooth and 1 rear enamel.

4) Let’s observe 3 rows of tires.

FIVE) At The Same Time As twisting, let’s do the following: Let’s knit 1 handrail. Let’s skip 1 front dental handrail and make a triple handrail to the other entrance dental handrail. Let’s do double handrails to the rear dental handrail that we skipped. Let’s make triple handrails with front teeth that we jumped to be front teeth to the handrail. Let’s make a back dental handrail and proceed the augers.

6) Next, let’s continue the front tooth and back dental handrails.

7) Let’s to find different front enamel within the subsequent row.

EIGHT) Let’s continue with 1 row of tires.

NINE) Subsequent row once more Let’s do it.

you’ll see this phase as underneath. The lines best represent the front dental handrails.

diamond-sheet-band-making diamond-sheet-making

10) Let’s continue with 3 rows of tires.

Let’s minimize and conceal the string.

Let’s stitch bead beads on the baklava slices that seem within the middle.



That Is it!

Health in your fingers!

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