Dog Knit Scarf, Beanie, Glove Making

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For Children who don’t wish to use items similar to hats and berets normally, fits created with such inventive motifs will make your task more straightforward.

Let’s get started!


La Mia Merino hand knitting threads;
2 pieces of Brown (L137) colour thread
2 items of Grey (L031) colour thread
1 piece of Cream (L081) color thread3 mm crochet4 mm skewer < h2> Education


It’s knitted with grey or brown thread.

1. 6 chains are pulled to the hook and the ends are mixed. 6 single handrails are made into the ring.

2. 12 rows are knitted by means of increasing 10 single handrails each row.

3. Knitting is continued with 126 single handrails and 12 more knits are completed and completed.

4. 24 unmarried handrails are made for each earpiece from each side of the braid for the earpiece parts.

5. Knitting and completing 1 unmarried handrail from either side of the knit till the 6 single handrails are left on all sides of the knit.

6. Lacing to the ends of the earpiece For the nose part, 44 unmarried handrails are made on it by way of pulling 44 chains with cream-coloured thread for the nostril section.

7. the following rows are knitted and completed through chopping 1 single railing on each side of the braid until 4 unmarried railing continues to be. Sew on the front of the beret.

8. 15 chains are pulled for the ear and 15 unmarried handrails are made on it. Until 7 single handrails are left, one unmarried handrail is minimize from each side of the knitting and knitted. the rest 7 single handrails are finished with 3 common needles.

9. 1 row of needles with white thread is made across the beret.

Starting with cream-coloured thread.

1. Knitting harosa knitting through beginning THREE stitches.

2. selection of stitches Until it becomes 11, each and every row of knitting is increased by way of 1 sew every row and the loops are kept at the spit.

4. Knitting is higher via 1 sew on all sides of the knitting until the collection of stitches is 30.

5. Knitting period Whilst it’s 18 cm, knitting is sustained with a gray or brown thread. the number is decreased to ten.

7. 6 extra rows of knit knit and the loops are reduce and completed in 1 time.


Get Started with gray or brown thread.

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