Dog Sweater Making

Dog Sweater Making
Dog Sweater Making

Are folks that are going to enter the brand new 12 months with their little buddies in a position?

we’ve got an overly sweet knitting development for you.

With its easy and fast building, it is going to be warm in your whole dog!


Snowball Elite Wool rope;
1 Crimson (K420) colour rope
1 Cream (K025) colour ip5 mm line skewer


1) Begin with EIGHTY loops with a crimson thread.

2) Knit knit within the type of 1 opposite and 1 flat for 10 rows.

3) Proceed with 47 rows of plain weave. Then the loops are separated. 15 loops are left on the aspects for the again. 5 loops are cut for the fingers, the front side is knitted with 40 loops.

FOUR) 15 loops are flat, minimize 5 loops, 40 loops are straight, reduce 5 loops, 15 loops are knit flat . 15 loops at the edges are kept at the spit. Then knit one after the other.

FIVE) The 40 loops in the heart begin to knit. The model is ready up.
2 loops are crimson, 2 loops of cream, FIVE loops of crimson, 2 loops of cream, FIVE loops of crimson, 2 loops of cream are used to proceed immediately knitting till the end of the row.

at the back Reverse knitting is usually performed with the same colours.

6) 2 loops are began to knit as FOUR loops. The type keeps to be based with FOUR loops of cream, 4 loops of pink, 4 loops of cream-colored thread. in this approach, 2 rows are knitted. Then the fifth row loop and colour scheme are implemented alongside 1 row.

7) The Primary models are finished. the second one fashions are arranged in some way that they are among the decrease models.
5 loops of red, 2 loops of cream, FIVE loops of pink, 2 loops of cream are put in until the tip of the row. Then, step 6 is repeated and the fashion setup is completed.

kopek-kazgi-yapimi-1 kopek-kazgi- made-1

EIGHT) Knitting is continued with a red color thread. After making immediately knitting for ELEVEN rows, the front side is kept within the spit, and on the beginning, 15 loops, which are reserved for the back aspect, are knitted with a crimson thread as front phase, the front and back parts are taken from the similar bottle and they are began to knit in combination. Directly knit is knitted for EIGHT rows.

NINE) Within The next row, collapses are made along 1 row within the form of 2 knit, 1 cut, 2 knit, 1 minimize.

10) It’s finished by knitting 1 reverse and 1 flat rubber knit for EIGHT rows.

ELEVEN) The again of the braid is stitched together within the center.

12) The loop is far from the hands, knitting 1 inverted and 1 flat rubber knit for 4 rows.

kopek-kazgi-yapimi-2 kopek-kazgi-yapimi-2

Your dog is ready for winter!

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