Double Breasted Baby Vest Making

Hi everybody!

I came to you with a very simple and helpful vest recipe.

you can present this stylish vest, that you can only knit with haroşa knitting, in your youngsters right away!

in the event you are ready, we commence!


2 pieces of Snowball Child One Water Inexperienced (K493) colour hand knitting thread3.5 mm skewers3 buttons Scissors Needle


Proper Front

1) We Commence with FIFTY NINE loops.

2) After knitting 6 enamel harosa knit 3 in entrance, 1 dola, 1 We minimize the buttonhole by making a lower.

3) We knit 12 enamel with crochet and make a buttonhole once more.

4) 12 tooth with a crochet and once more we’re making a buttonhole. We knit 2 teeth harosha on it.

There must be 32 tooth harosha in total.

5) Then we reduce 1 loop in entrance of each side from the buttonhole. Whilst 41 loops stay at the spit, we lower 6 loops from the arm area. We don’t minimize more than the arm.

6) We continue to cut 1 loop on every obverse from the collar till a complete of 15 stitches stay on the needle.

7) Whilst 15 loops remain, we knit any other THREE tooth harosha and minimize all loops at once.

8) We knit the left entrance with the similar numbers and vice versa.


1) We Begin with 65 loops.

2) After knitting 50 rows of harosha we minimize 6 loops from the arms. .

3) After knitting a row of 21 enamel harosha, we knit 15 loops from the shoulder until the last 15 loops remain, we minimize the entire loops in among for the collar.

4) We knit the shoulders with 5 more enamel and reduce all the loops.

you can see all the numbers in the symbol beneath.


Well Being for your fingers!


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