Double Twirl Model Seamless Neck Collar Making

Hello everybody!

We introduced you a warm neck collar model.

you’ll be able to knit this neckband in a short time and give it on your family members.

Let’s start knitting right away!


2 items YarnArt Alpine Alpaca Army Blue (437) color hand knitting yarn EIGHT mm trimmed bottle 6 mm twisted skewers


1) 112 loops we’re taking. We knit FIVE rows of 2 opposite, 2 flat rubber knitting.

2) Then we knit 2 loops in opposite, 12 loops flat the whole row. we will twirl the portions which are. There must be a complete of EIGHT pieces. and we divide the 12 loops into 4. We transfer the 1st workforce of twisted bottles and take them to the back.

3) We knit the 2nd group flat. We put 3 loops within the again, positioned the bottle again and knit immediately. We additionally transfer the twisted bottles to the third group and put them ahead. We knit 3 loops on the finish, knitting 3 loops the place we purchase immediately twisted bottles.

4) We repeat the same procedure in 10 rows in these 12 loops.

5) We twirl 4 times as above.

6) We knit and finish 5 rows of two opposite and a couple of flat rubber once more

Double Twirl Model Seamless Neck Collar Making

Double Twirl Model Seamless Neck Collar Making

Health for your fingers!

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