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Hi !

Today, we introduced you a decorative and within your means style!

we’re here with a dream lure making recipe that you could make with your strings.

Let’s start knitting very quickly. !


1 piece L. A. Mia Fettucia Black (L006) colour hand knitting thread
In Reality, I cut the circular satellite cable in my hand at the measurement i wished and glued it with the help of robust adhesive and tape. < h2> Training

1) we’re wrapping the circle we’ve got in a uniform manner with a string.

2) FIVE times the diameter of the circle 24 We minimize the ropes of equivalent lengths.

3) Then, we double our 24 strands of equivalent period and tie them around the circle equidistantly.

4) Within The next step, we tie the wire we tie with each other with the string subsequent to it, knot a eye-duration period. We tie knots to all threads.

5) Next we break up the threads we knot into two, and knot with the string subsequent to it. We knot all threads.

6) We continue this procedure 2-3 rows.

7) Finally, within the middle we carry all of the threads in combination and tie them with a rope. We lower the excess threads.

8) We cut 50 threads for the fringes at the bottom, two times the diameter of the circle. Let’s fold it in half to fill 8 slices from the ground.

So we made your fringes. in fact, you’ll create other fashions along with your imagination.

i am hoping you really liked it.


Come simple now.

howdy use.

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