Easy Baby Gel Making


Our knitting model that may be simple however very nice while embellished as favored. you’re going to use this knitting fashion that you just can use as a gilet or a dress. you will use this knit model knitted as a complete.


1 Snowball Child One Blue (K576) color child wool4 mm skewer


(Measured for babies between 0-6 months.)

1) We Begin our trade via throwing 50 loops.

2) We proceed with knitting for five rows.

THREE) We knit 8 loops in the sixth row, 34 loops 1 inverted 1 flat tire, then we continue as 8 loops in the loop. We knit a complete of fifty stitches once more.

Those operations are repeated for 30 rows.

4) Whilst 30 rows are completed, sides 8 stitches are lower in each and every.

FIVE) Knit for six rows.

6) 6 for either side for collar slicing The loops within the heart (22 loops) are lower so that the sew is still.

7) For each hangers, knit for 20 rows.

EIGHT) The choice of stitches is once more increased by 22 stitches and the two straps are knit together.

(now we can do the similar in opposite)

NINE) It’s knitted for six rows.

10) Building Up 8 loops on both sides p.

11) EIGHT loops are knitted as harosha, 34 loops are 1 inverted 1 flat tire, EIGHT loops are knitted as harosa. Those operations are repeated for 30 rows.

12) While 30 rows are completed, 5 extra rows are made and reduce.

over. you can sew at the edges and decorate with flowers and insects as you would like

health to your hands , get dressed up on good days

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