Easy Baby Glove Making

Hello ,,

We designed a comfortable glove in your babies.

the development of this gorgeous glove is each really easy and a laugh!

Let’s start knitting in an instant!


La Mia Merino Pink (L040) color hand knitting yarn3 mm skewer Wool needle


1) First, throwing 34 loops of the bottle here we cross. For 12 rows, we knit a rubber mesh with 1 inverted and 1 flat.

2) Then we knit 8 rows, that may be, 4 teeth.

3) We divide the loops within the needle into two equivalent parts, 17-17. Then we take the primary loop flat. We knit the 2nd and third loops together by means of reducing them. When it comes right, we knit the sixteenth, seventeenth and 18th, 19th loops in combination. We proceed to make a haros till the last 3 loops and knit 2 loops in combination and whole the series through knitting the closing loops.

So we reduce 3 loops, 2 in the first and the final, and a pair of within the heart.

4) We knit harosa without reducing on the again.

5) Once We come ahead we proceed the similar cutting process and minimize 4 extra loops. We do chopping till the choice of stitches drops to 22.

6) As Well As to the loops that we minimize at the best, center and trailing, the fifth, 6th, fifteenth, 16th stitch we knit together. on this way, when we fold the glove in half, it is cut from the loops within the center portions. We minimize the glove in part with the minimize rope and sew it with a needle.

Our gloves are in a position! you’ll use Zincirmatik for the wire. :))

easy-child-glove-making < Well Being in your hands!
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