Easy Baby Vest Making with Beads

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In Case You are tired of bizarre models, we brought you an odd child vest knitted with colourful beads!

Let’s get started knitting this adorable vest immediately!


Kartopu Baby One Grey (K1432) color hand knitting yarn 3 mm trimmed skewer Colored picket beads Superb-tipped crochet


Sizes are appropriate for 1-2 years old.

Let’s no longer positioned beads at the back of the vest.

1) Let’s throw the cropped bottle EIGHTY FOUR loops and knit FOUR enamel of haroĊŸ. Let’s do the first buttonhole procedure. Our fashion is composed solely of pussies.

2) Then let’s make the distinctions. Let’s split it into THIRTEEN entrance + 1 + 14 palms + 1 + 26 rear + 1 + 14 palms + 1 + 13 entrance.

THREE) Knit THIRTEEN loops, then to extend let’s wrap 1 time consistent with skewer. Let’s knit by way of passing beads on our thread at the same time as knitting 1 loop. it’s going to be more straightforward if we use nice crochet at the same time as doing this. Let’s wrap one more time, knit 14 stitches, wrap 1 loop, knit 1 loop through passing beads, wrap 1. Let’s knit 26 loops, wrap 1, knit 1 loop by passing beads, let’s wrap 1. Let’s knit 14 loops, wrap 1, knit 1 loop by way of passing beads, let’s wrap 1. Let’s knit 13 loops, wrap 1, knit 1 loop by means of passing beads, wrap 1.

FOUR) Let’s increase like a fan on this manner. After the distance has been shaped 4 times, let’s knit the beads once more with beads. Let’s do the start of the opposite fan boost and in this method let’s get to the arm duration. Let’s repeat this procedure 5 times.

FIVE) Then, whilst doing the arm minimize, let’s do the other buttonhole and knit 6-7 tooth in a haro. 6) As you’ll be able to see in the photo, we use beads on the start and ends of the enthusiasts. Let’s cut up the loops at the entrance bodies into 2 equivalent portions and depart 1 loop within the middle. Ahead Of expanding, let’s cut back 2 loops to 1 so that there may be no build up within the collection of stitches often. Let’s proceed the method we did in the yoke on the frame.

7) After knitting a certain row, let’s open the 3rd marrow and repeat the process till the desired paint is reached.

Our vest able!

beaded-easy-baby-vest-making beaded-simple-baby-vest-making

the color of the vest and beads are up to your desire. you’ll be able to write feedback the place you might be caught or write to my @dahi_orgulerim account on Instagram. Goodbye!

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