Easy Boy Cardigan Making

Hi everyone!

Nowadays we will be able to knit with you a stylish cardigan that keeps warm for our 4-FIVE 12 months vintage boys.

you will find a way to knit this cardigan perfect on your boys.

Let’s get started right now!


FIVE Snowballs Brown Gipsy Wool (M000703) hand knitting rope EIGHT mm skewers3 buttons


FOUR-5 years it is suitable for.


1. It starts with 28 stitches For Six rows, 1 + 1 (1 loop opposite, 1 loop flat) knit knit.

After the tire, a total of 3 buttonholes are opened at equivalent intervals till the collar play.

2. After the tire, unmarried brass braid is began. For brass knitting, straight loops are knitted in reverse, and loops with opposite are knitted in a immediately knit.

3. While coming to the fiftieth row, a loop is reduced at the entrance side for the neckline. < /

FOUR. After 2 rows, THREE,2,1,1 decrements are applied for the armpits.

FIVE. For the collar The aid is continued until THIRTEEN loops stay on the shoulders.

6. loops are closed in ninetieth order.

For the other a part of the anterior frame, those operations are within the wrong way. .


1. Start with 50 stitches. Knit 1 + 1 (1 loop inverted, 1 loop flat) rubber knit for six rows.

2. Brass knit. While it comes to the 53rd row, THREE,2,1,1 decrements are made out of either side for the armpit.

THREE. Whilst the 90th row is reached, the loops are closed directly.


1. It starts with 30 loops. All Through 6 rows, 1 + 1 (1 loop is inverted, 1 loop is flat) rubber braid is knitted and braided.

2. All Over SIXTY FIVE rows of brass braid, the number of stitches is FORTY EIGHT at positive durations. an increase is constituted of the edges until the facet.

3. For the armhole, 3.2 is diminished from both sides.

4. in the subsequent rows, one loop is continued to be diminished on all sides.

FIVE. 20 rows of brass braids are knitted from the arm play.

6. The loops left out of the decrements are closed at once. After 16 rows of knitting, loops are reduce without delay.

easy-boy-child-t-shirt-making-1 easy- boy-kid-hirkasi-yapimi-1

Our cardigan is about!

easy-boy-child-hirkasi-made easy-guy-child-hirkaasi-yapmi

​​Health in your hand!

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