Easy Brass Knit Baby Overalls Making

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I’m with you with a great knitting pattern

Supply this very cute child rompers you’ll easily knit to yourself or to the liked ones’ young children!

Let’s get started .


1 Snowball Child One Army Blue (K1533) hand knitting thread4 mm skewer10 buttons


We Commence from the leg sections. We knit each legs separately.

1. We knit 50 loops one by one for each legs and knit 1 opposite, 1 flat rubber knit for 7 rows.

2. We knit double loops along 4 rows, increasing each stitches via 20 stitches and mixing them from the online.

3. 60 stitches for front piece we are beginning to knit.

4. We proceed knitting 7 loops for area pastes, and other loops are rice.

5. 3 we knit the teeth and open the first buttonhole places

6. We open one buttonhole locations in NINE rows, we open 3 buttonhole places and start cutting.

7.We cut loops from each ends for 12 rows.

8. After the cuts are finished, we knit 14 harosa rows, open the marrow puts and cut once more.

9. We Start at the back, 7 hitches of front We put off the knots from the again of the n, we knit the first 27 loops with harosa and knit the loops between them with brass knitting.

10. We knit 34 harostacks and lower 10 loops with 20 loops in the middle We knit and finish the armbands.

And we stitch our buttons.

It used to be that easy.


Simple to come back….

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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