Easy Cardigan Making With Skewers


I came upon you once more with an overly simple knitting trend.

i can in short describe it, you’ll watch our video for designated explanation.


10 items of Himalayan Arya Brown (76609) hand knitting yarn 6 mm needle


Dimensions are valid for measurement 38-40.

Again and Entrance

1) We Start by knitting NINETY TWO loops.

2) We knit THREE-4 rows of harosa and then we go to plain knitting.

3) After knitting approximately 1 meter of undeniable weave, we commence to knit.

4) 30 of the stitches are separated for the best shoulder and 30 for the left shoulder and 32 within the middle We minimize the loop for the nape commencing.

5) We knit 30 loops by knitting a flat knit until the length of the again (average 1 meter). We knit the final 53-FOUR rows knitwear. We knit 30 stitches for the other shoulder in the same approach.

We stitch our knitting from the perimeters, leaving the arm area.

6) Loop 5 cm for all of the entrance collar. We knit around harosa.


1) We Start 34 loops and knit 5 rows of harosa.

2) Then we switch to flat knitting and we knit flat knitting till we achieve SIXTY FOUR stitches through making 2 aspect increments on average of 7 cm.

We finish by immediately cutting, and after making the stitches, our card is completed.

Video Production

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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