Easy Colorful Baby Beanie Making

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I came with an overly simple, multi-colored knitting pattern that you simply can finish in 1 hour when the elements is cold.

Your small children won’t ever get cold with this beanie!


1 Snowball Elite Wool Prints (H1916) color ip6 mm needle


Dimensions are for 1.5 – 2 yr vintage small children.

1) We Start 60 stitches.

2) We knit 1 reverse 1 flat rubber knit up to 4 cm.

3) After 4 cm, we knit classic simple weave with immediately entrance and again knit. We proceed straight knitting until a total of 20 cm.

4) We Begin chopping when it’s 19 cm. We make 1 knit, 1 lower from the flat phase. We knit the back row the other way up. We make 1 knit, 1 minimize until 15-18 stitches remain.

5) Whilst 15-18 stitches are left, we loop the thread and pull it out from the spit, we pin it with needle and sew the exposed section.

That’s it

you can build up or decrease the collection of stitches consistent with your child’s head measurement.

you can make the pompom any size you wish to have or you can put on in a position-made feather pompom.

Easy to come.

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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