Easy Crochet Baby Cardigan Making

Easy Crochet Baby Cardigan Making
Easy Crochet Baby Cardigan Making

Hi buddies,

We brought you a perfect knitting trend.

We each defined find out how to set up a crocheted yoke and the right way to observe it in line with child sizes and in addition gave a very stylish child cardigan recipe. .

Let’s get started instantly should you desire!


1 Los Angeles Mia Wool Simple Smoked (L207) colour hand knitting yarn1 Örenbayan Tango Cream (5) colour hand knitting yarn3 mm crochet 6 buttons Scissors



Note: Sizes are suitable for our 1 yr antique young children. However, it will probably be adapted to our younger or older youngsters with the next reasons.

selection of Beginning Loops Calculation:

1 12 months old child head measurement consistent with the baby size chart: FORTY SIX-FORTY EIGHT cm (I take FORTY EIGHT cm.)

tig-isi-easy-robali-baby-hirkasi-yapim-1 tig-isi-easy-robali-baby-hirkasi-yapim-1

10 cm knitting according to the information I obtained from the product band of the yarn i use: 18 knitting knitting = 1 cm = 18/10 = 1.8 stitches and 48 cm = 48X1.8 = 86.4 stitches.

If I roll to 88 stitches, i can knit 88-FOUR = 84 stitches apart from the increments, considering the fact that i can building up stitches FOUR instances.

Again and front portions should be knit in combination. because the arms can be equal to half those parts, stitch rely THREE need to be.


For the left front of the cardigan: 14 loops

For the left arm of the cardigan: 14 loops

For the back of the cardigan: 28 loops

For the precise arm of the cardigan: 14 loops

For the right entrance of the cardigan: i need to separate 14 loops.

through the use of the dimensions chart, it is also conceivable to set the starting stitch count consistent with other frame sizes.

tig-isi-easy-robali-baby-hirkasi-yapimi 2 = tig-isi-simple-robali-baby-hirkaasi-yapim-2

1. We pull 88 chains.

< strong>.

We make our first build up by making 1 handrail, 1 chain and 1 handrail into the chain. After making 14 handrails from the next chain, we make our 2nd building up through making 1 handrail, 1 chain, 1 handrail to the next slot. We make 28 handrails from the chain that follows. After making our 3rd increase by way of making 1 handrail, 1 chain, 1 handrail in the following slot, we make 14 handrails. We make the 4th increase by way of making 1 handrail, 1 chain, 1 handrail to the following slot. We finish our row by way of making 14 handrails starting from the following slot. once we come to single chain spaces, we create our increases by making 1 handrail, 1 chain and 1 handrail. you can use the scale chart for different sizes. tig-isi-easy-robali-baby-t-shirt-making-3 tig-isi-simple-robali-child-hirkasi-yapimi-THREE


After creating our robot, we continue the frame.

1. We make a handrail in every slot till it comes underneath armpit.

We pull 3 chains and tie them with 1 handrail. We proceed through making a handrail in each slot. once we come to the one chain area under the other arm, we make 1 handrail, THREE chains and fix it with 1 handrail. We make our handrails until the tip of the row.

2. We turn a unmarried chain and make double handrails to every slot until the end of the row.

THREE. we modify the colour of our thread and make a handrail to each slot till the end of the row.

4. We turn a handrail to the primary slot via turning with 1 chain. We make 2 handrails within the 3rd slot via jumping a slot. We make 1 handrail in the slot at the tip of the row through creating a couple of handrails until the tip of the row.

FIVE. We turn with 1 chain. After making 1 handrail in the first nest, we make double handrails between the handrails that we double as much as the top of the row. We make 1 handrail in the slot at the top of the row.

6. We continue this way until we reach the desired length by calculating the tire proportion of five cm.

i’m 28 cm in dimension. and that i knit a complete of 33 cm, including FIVE cm of rubber.

tig-isi-easy-robali-baby-t-shirt-making-4 tig-isi-simple-robali-child-hirkasi-yapim-4


1. 1 single in every slot starting from the below arm a part of our robot we’re making handrails.

There are 48 handrails with my measurements.

2. We pass up with a unmarried chain. Meanwhile, we knit the first and second handrails together and make our first reduction. After that, we make a discount every 3 rows. I reduced to 38 handrails till i thought. We make the reductions in the slots which might be beneath the arm in order that there’s a small aesthetic deterioration. We shut our line via creating a handrail in each row except for the reduction.

THREE. We make a handrail in each and every slot by way of changing our thread. We knit with none closure at the top of the row from this order to circumvent any remaining marks at the cardigan’s arm. it is going to be useful to use a looper to avoid mixing.

4. In this manner, we calculate the tire proportion of 5 cm and knit it till the arm length reaches the specified period.

I 25 I knit a complete of 30 cm from the collar to the wrist, including cm arm and 5 cm rubber.

tig-isi-easy-robali-baby-t-shirt-making-5 tig-isi-simple-robali-baby-hirkasi-yapim-5

Tire Making

We use the tire on the palms, skirt and collar.

1. We make 1 row of handrails by way of changing the color of our rope in the phase where the tire will likely be made.

2. We pull 6 chains.

We make FIVE common needles from the chain down to the bottom. By Way Of skipping one slot underneath, we connect it to the third slot by way of swiping. By Means Of pulling 1 chain, we make FIVE widespread needles in the related manner. By Way Of jumping from a slot below, we attach it to the adjacent by swiping. > For the parts to be sewn and buttonhole from the collar of the cardigan to the skirt of the skirt: We make FIVE unmarried handrails every. for the reason that number of handrails on both sides should be equivalent, because the button will be sewn on the right side for male babies and on the left aspect for child ladies, we leave a single chain buttonhole even as we knit in opposition to the row we can stitch. After identifying where the primary and final buttons will probably be to figure out the puts to open the buttonhole, we should always plan the opposite 4 buttons at equivalent periods.

Our cardigan to keep our kids warm is over. Wish you might have a good day!

tig-heat-easy-robali-baby-t-shirt-making tig- warmth-simple-robali-child-card-building

Health in your hand!

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