Easy Crochet Rubber Beanie Making

Hi everybody!

We Have Now introduced you a beret that you just can easily knit and start the use of right away.

Make A Selection your favourite colour and let’s start knitting this pretty beret very quickly!


1 La Mia Wool Simple Salmon (L208) colour hand knitting yarn4 mm crochet wool needle


1) On moderate, 12 chains are drawn. within the first row, a unmarried (part) handrail / fake needle is used on each chain, that is, the method is completed through wrapping a rope over the crochet and pulling it in one shot.

you can decrease and build up the tire part as favored. I pulled 12 chains.

2) in the second row, one among the crochet tire models is taken from the back loop of the chain and knitted part a handrail and continue till the tip of the row.

THREE) This Way knit in step with your head size. Whilst the knitted piece is at the dimension of your head, frequent splicing is finished at each ends, and the splicing phase is taken within and the top is reached with 3 chains.

FIVE) in the 2d row, a opposite crochet pattern, that’s every other crochet tire trend, is began to be implemented. you can pass up with 3 chains and double crochet is made through passing our crochet in entrance of the first handrail. A double handrail is made by means of passing our crochet hook at the back of the second handrail. This process maintains from the front to the back, to the tip of the row. a complete of 12 rows are knitted in this manner.

in fact, you higher degree in keeping with your head.

6) After 12 rows of knitting, chopping is started. in the thirteenth row, only the loops we take from front are knitted through making double handrails. So what we get from in the back of is skipped.

7) 14. IN ORDER to do double cutting without taking any cutting, entrance double handrail is made.

EIGHT) 15. in the row, 1 is knitted from front and 1 is skipped, 1 is knit from front and the beret is done by means of slicing the long thread.

9) The Highest phase is reduced in size by means of basting the long minimize thread and it is sewn.

Non-Compulsory pompom is made.

it is very trendy, cushy and prepared in precisely a couple of hours!

Easy Crochet Rubber Beanie Making

Easy Crochet Rubber Beanie Making


Use it on just right days!

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