Easy Ebruli Skirt Making

Howdy !

Today I Will Be Able To inform you tips on how to make an effortless and really gorgeous marbled skirt.

i am hoping you knit with pleasure.

Let’s get started knitting this cute skirt immediately. !


2 Snowballs Lulla Baby Red Marbling (H2332) color hand knitting thread3.5 mm crochet


1) Let’s start by pulling> 90 chains, mix it with the start.

2) Let’s make a crochet tire by means of wrapping from the front and a handrail.

There are 6 rows of tires in our style. Let’s move. Let’s skip 1 area and make 1 double railing, 2 chains and 1 double railing in the other slot. Let’s transfer directly to the end of the queue.

easy-marbled-skirt-making-1 simple-marbled-skirt- make-1

FOUR) Let’s scroll into two chains. Let’s pull 5 chains and make 2 double handrails, pull 2 ​​chains and make a double handrail. Let’s come to the other house and go to the top of the row as 1 handrail, 2 chains, 2 handrails, 2 chains, 1 handrail.

easy-marbled-skirt-making-2 easy-marbling-skirt-making-2

5) Let’s make 1 handrail, 1 chain, 1 handrail to every house of the two chains shaped. Proceed on this method and continue until the desired paint.

I knit round 30 cm.

easy-marbled-skirt-making-3 simple-marbling-skirt-making-THREE

When the length is at the required degree, let’s move to the brink lace.

6) The Combination of the Vs let’s make frequent needles as a substitute. Let’s make 1 needle, THREE chains, 1 needle in 2 chains and cling it with a needle in place of a joint. Let’s go all the approach to this finish.

easy-marbled-skirt-making-4 easy-marbled-skirt- made-4

Easy marbled skirt finished!

easy-marbled-skirt-made simple-marbled- skirt-made

Delightful knitting!

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