Easy Efe Vest Making

Hello !

We brought you the construction of the knit efe vest, that is steadily knitted for boys!

Might you prefer to knit the efe vest fashion we knit with us?

Let’s get started now!


Snowball Child One hand knitting threads;
Grey (K1432) color thread
Black (K940) colour thread3.5 mm skewer4 button



Grey color is knitted with thread.

1) It starts with THREE stitches. It will increase knitting right and left via knitting until it reaches 35 stitches.

2) Knitting harosha until it reaches the desired duration and seven stitches are cut on the same time.

THREE) Also, whilst slicing the arm section from one part of the spit, the loop is lower to 1 right through each harosha and the collar part is created.

Collar length need to be 18 enamel.

FOUR) The collar is cut to shoulder length, then the shoulder is knit immediately. the other entrance part is knitted on this method.


Gray knit with thread.

1) 60 loops start and arm it is knitted until the cut.

2) Seven loops on all sides are lower for the arm and knit immediately without cutting till the top of the shoulder.

3) < / strong> Our vest is completed via sewing from the shoulder to the sides.


Black knitting with a thread.

1) 20 loops are thrown and it is knitted with harosa.

2) The bow tie is adjusted and cut consistent with the duration.

THREE) It squeezes in the middle and sewn to the vest.


Black colour is knitted with a string.

1) it is knitted and sewn similar to a bow tie.

Our vest is over!

easy-efe-vest-making i simple-efe-vest-construction

Make it easy for everyone to learn!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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