Easy Flower Needle Making

Knitting needles are each stylish and really useful!

Whether you place them for your house library, hold them at the wall or store them within the stitching box!

This vintage knitting needle will suit you smartly!


La Mia Diamond hand knitting thread;
1 Cream (L075) color thread
1 Brown (L158) thread2mm or 2.5mm crochet button to embellish and prepared bow, Fiber, needle


We Commence with cream-coloured thread.

1) We Commence our recipe through pulling THREE chains into the magic ring and doing 11 double handrails . We finish the row by way of looping with a total of 12 handrails in conjunction with 3 chains. So we make 2 double handrails to each loop. we’ve 24 handrails in general.

THREE) In our 3rd row we sink 1 single and 1 double. In other words, we make 1 double handrail to 1 loop and a pair of double handrails to the following, respectively. on this means, we knit till the end of the row.

FOUR) Within The fourth row, we sink 2 unmarried and 1 double. After making the first loops, we make two double rams to the third loop. on this manner, we knit till the top of the row.

We make 1 more piece of this piece we knit.

After acquiring 2 items of cream, we flip the opposite facets of the braid and combine it with our brown thread with a frequent needle, that may be, we dangle the perimeters of the two pieces and knit them in one piece. Notice that the reverse aspect of the braid will remain within. in the event you do not wish to do that, you’ll stitch. do not forget to place fiber earlier than the top of the row. We continue the edge lace without breaking the rope.

FIVE) For the edge type, we wrap our crochet as soon as on the rope, skip 2 chains and make 7 double handrails on the third chain and rely THREE chains. We persist with the third and make frequent needles. We repeat the similar procedure and knit the rope and knit 6 of them, with 7 handrails for the third chain. We pull 12-15 chains for the last hanging position and make a needle and finish it to where we started first.

I stitch a home made button within the heart of it, you’ll sew a spherical button in the center, you’ll be able to use it without sewing as much as your taste and you can use a bow below the placing position. .

easy-to-flower-making-width easy-to-flower-making-width

wishing you

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