Easy Hair Band Making

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Are you prepared for easy hair band making, that’s an critical accessory for our small children and children?

this straightforward type ends temporarily and looks very fashionable.

in case you want, you’ll enlarge the dimensions and make it according to your personal.

Let’s start right away!


Snowball Baby Cushy hand knitting threads3.5 mm skewer


1) Let’s get started via sewing 23 loops.

2) Let’s apply roughly FORTY cm unmarried brass knitting development.

I did it for the newborn, this degree was enough. you’ll stretch in keeping with the top circumference, however consider the stretch margin.

Brass Weave Pattern

1) Loops 1 flat, 1 opposite, 1 flat, 1 Let’s knit in the form of reverse ….

2) Let’s knit the stitches once more in the form of 1 straight, 1 inverted, 1 directly, 1 inverted …. Reverse the loop on top of the loop and the flat stitch on top of the loop.

simple -sheet-band-production-1

3) After knitting the hair band in enough duration, let’s reduce the loops. Let’s sew along with th

e opposite end.

Simple-sheet-tape-making -2


1) Let’s start 6 loops and knit FOUR cm undeniable weave.

2) We combine the band Let’s wrap it and stitch it.

Easy scarf is about!


Health to those who will knit already!

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