Easy Half Flower Knit Earrings Making

Hello everyone!

We Now Have an overly nice and straightforward to make earring style!

You too half you wish to unquestionably take a look at the flower earrings development.

Let’s get started knitting right away!


Kartopu Amigurumi Pink (K787) color hand knitting thread2.5 mm crochet earring < h2> Coaching

1) Let’s make ELEVEN double handrails to the magic ring.

2) Let’s pull FIVE chains and skip one slot and hang directly to any other.

3) Let’s pull FIVE chains and cling the following. Let’s pull 7 chains, skip one slot and hang onto another. Let’s bounce to the other slot with 5 chains through leaping 1 more room twice.

easy-half-flower-knit-cup-making-1 easy-part-flower-knitting-cup-making-1

4) Let’s do the following to five chains: 1 widespread needle, 2 single handrails (fake needle), 2 double handrails, 2 single handrails, 1 widespread needle.

8) The Place we pull 7 chains so as, let’s do the next: 1 frequent needle, 2 unmarried handrails, FOUR double handrails, 2 single handrails, 1 frequent needle.

Let’s minimize and hide the rope.

Part flower rings are finished.

easy-half-flower-pattern-cup-making easy-half-flower -query-cup-making

Well Being to your palms!

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