Easy Haroşa Short Socks Making

Hi everyone!

We’ve Got an overly easy socks development that you can knit a couple of in a day!

Let’s get started knitting this pretty socks pattern right away!


2 Utopia Booties Lux Burgundy (K110) color hand knitting yarn 4 mm skewers 24 beads


Sizes are appropriate for the quantity 36-37.

1 ) We Start with 48 loops.

2) We knit 2 opposite, 2 flat rubber knits for 12 rows.

3) We knit harosa knitting with out expanding 1 enamel.

4) We Start to extend the front of the braid. We knit the entire loops at the beginning of every row till the choice of stitches is going up to 66.

5) Then we knit EIGHT loops with SIXTY SIX loops without any build up or decrease.

After the tire, a total of 18 enamel must be slack.

6) Now, we begin once more at front and reduce 1 loop on the beginning of each row. We continue to diminish until there are 20 loops left.

7) We entire our knitting by way of reducing 20 loops through two.

8) We make the stitch by way of detaching and thinning the thread so that it does not disturb the foot.

 9) Then we enhance the sock of the sock with beads.


Our socks are in a position!

easy-harosa-kisa -corap-made

Health in your palms!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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