Easy Headphone Making with Crochet

Hi everyone!

Do you like your child or your child to wear a hat too?

How about knitting headphones together for them?

it’s very easy to knit Any Individual can make this fun and enjoyable headset inside a few hours!


1 Gazzal Baby Cotton XL Beige (3437XL) color hand knitting yarn 2.FIVE mm crochet

1) We pull 6 chains.

2) We Start every chain with 1 double handrail.

3) We make 6 handrails in each and every row.

4) After knitting the period in step with the top size, we mix the ultimate two heads with common needles.

5) After connecting, we pull 2 ​​chains and continue the double handrail on it once more

6) The extra you need, the more we finish the width.

it’s as much as you to embellish probably the most stress-free phase!

easy-headphone-making with tig-
easy-head-making with tig-making

Make your young children ears chilly!


Source : orgumodelleri.com

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