Easy Home Boot Making with Velvet Rope

Hello everybody!

The knit boots knitted with velvet thread are still out of fashion.

Knitting with this cushy thread could be very relaxing and prefer treatment!

Knitting immediately Let’s get started!


Etrofil Clover velvet hand knitting threads4 mm crochet


Insoles are not utilized in the fashion, you can use it should you want.

1) First we pull the chain according to the foot period. Then, we create the bottom by way of making unmarried handrails on those chains.

2) Once We climb from the bottom, we take the back loops.

3) We knit our handrails by taking a row of handrails from at the back of and in the back of them. We proceed this manner until half the boat.

4) Once We achieve the half the boat, we commence from front puckering. We weave the 2 handrails to decrease through weaving immediately.

5) To make the strings on the boat, we take the rope lengthy and sink into the following loop.

It’s that easy! you can spend all winter warmly through making quite a lot of colors.

Easy Home Boot Making with Velvet Rope


Easy Home Boot Making with Velvet Rope

Easy Home Boot Making with Velvet Rope

Make it easy for everyone!

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