Easy Knit Coaster Set

The Elements has opened, do you begin preparations for spring?

With this knitting type, you’ll knit the coaster in a few hours that you’ll use at home or provide it on your loved ones inside a few hours. This knitting development is also an exercise for beginners to knit.

you’ll be able to select self-patterned, marbled or forged colour yarn.


SMC Catania Color ip2.5 mm crochet marker or wool needle Scissors


SH: Magic ring

X: Scissors needle

V: Increment

HDC: Single handrail

DC: Double handrail

CC: Sew shift

The Best Way To

1) 6X (6)

2) V (6 reps) (12)

3) 1X, 1V (6 reps) (18)

4) 1X, 1V, 1X (6 reps) (24)

5) 3X, 1V (6 reps) (30)

6) 2X, 1V, 2X (6 reps) (36)

7) 5X, 1V (6 reps) ( FORTY TWO)

8) 3X, 1V, 3X (6 reps) (48)

9) 7X, 1V ( 6 repeats) (FIFTY FOUR)

10) 4X, 1V, 4X (6 reps) (60)

11) 9X, 1V (6 reps) (66)

12) 5X, 1V, 5X (6 reps) (72)

13) 11X, 1V (6 reps) (78)

14) 6X, 1V, 6V (6 reps) (84)

* We proceed without chopping the thread. Now we will be able to knit the threshold.


easy-knit hearth-cups-of


1. To the loop 1 CC,

2. 1 HDC – 1 DC – 1 HDC to the loop (in this step we will practice these 3 operations to the similar loop)

3. To the loop 1 CC

* We do this procedure in THREE stitches a total of 28 times and end the brink.



* Thread just a little we cut it long and placed it at the needle and knot a couple of instances on the back face.

* we will iron it to make our braid glance smoother. We positioned a material on it and iron it on medium warmth for a few minutes.



Coaster is about to be used! Delightful teas!



Source : orgumodelleri.com

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