Easy Knitting Blanket Making

Easy Knitting Blanket Making
Easy Knitting Blanket Making

Hey !

I got here with a blanket recipe that is each easy and stylish and you can use as a child blanket or knee blanket!

Let’s start knitting this beautiful style immediately!


YarnArt Denims hand knitting threads;
Crimson (20) color thread
Child Yellow (SIXTY SEVEN) color thread
Army blue (54) colour thread3 mm crochet 2.5 mm for the brink crochet


Style is made with the motto “woman used to be cherished and appreciated it”.

Colour transitions are solely up to you; it can be knitted in a single colour, it might probably be knitted in other colours.

Perfect dimension for child blanket: 90 × 90

Perfect size for knee blanket: ONE HUNDRED × ONE HUNDRED

Hanim Dilendi Bey Liked Motif

1. Starting with 3 chains within the magic ring, 2 double handrails are made subsequent to it. 3 chains are made by means of pulling THREE chains. Again THREE chains and three double handrails are made again. the primary chain is closed by means of shifting to where we started.

2. Where we pull the chain, we make 3 double handrails and 2 chains are drawn. THREE double handrails are made again. All chained parts are knitted in this means.

3. the middle a part of the braid is sustained as 3 items and the nook part as THREE handrails, 2 chains and three handrails. Proceed this way until you get the scale you wish to have.

Blanket Side

Whilst your blanket reaches the dimensions you need, the brink is knitted to create a good looking appearance.

1. Our thread is fixed 3 loops sooner than the corner part and a double handrail is made within the corner. Pull the 3 chains and connect them with the needle in the back of the handrail and double handrail to the similar position, make THREE chains once more and connect them in the back of the handrail. the same process is carried out 5 times in total. once we have completed it is fixed four loops away. creating a handrail ahead of 3 stitches, 3 chains are pulled and glued in the back of the handrail.

2. the similar process is completed 5 occasions within the similar position. 4 loops are fastened forward again. 3 stitches are made ahead again. the similar process is repeated until the whole sequence is completed.

easy-knit-blanket-made easy-knit-blanket -yapimi-1 easy-knit-blanket-making simple-knit-blanket-making-2

here that’s it!

easy-knit-blanket-made simple-knit-blanket-made

Might it’s simple!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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